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Classic Movie Hits MP3 Audio CD Classic Movie Hits MP3 Audio CD

MP3 Audio 2007
CD Anzahl: 1

Titelverzeichnis: 1. Modern times "Main title" (from "Modern Times") 2. Gone with the wind "Main title" ("Gone with the wind") 3. Everybody Sing (From "Broadway Melody Of 1938") 4. You do (from Movie "Mother Wore Tights") 5. Ol' Man River (From Movie "Till The Clouds Roll By") 6. I can't begin to tell you (from "The Dolly Sisters") 7. Vamp ("The Dolly sisters") 8. Tom Tom - The piper's son ("Presenting Lily Mars") 9. Night And Day (from Movie "The Gay Divorcee") 10. All of a sudden my heart sings ("Anchors away") 11. Ten Pins In The Sky (From Movie "Listen, Darling") 12. Just imagine (from "Good News") 13. He's a ladies man (from "Good News") 14. As long as there's music (from "Step Lively") 15. Tra la la (from "Mother Wore Tights") 16. Pass that peace pipe (from "Good News") 17. Time after time / Whose baby are you (from "It happened in Brooklyn") 18. Yours and mine (from "Broadway melody of 1938") 19. As time goes by ("Casablanca") 20. Jane Eyre "Main title" ("Jane Eyre") 21. The factory machine (from "Modern Times") 22. The fire ("Jane Eyre") 23. Tara ("Gone with the wind") 24. Knock on wood ("Casablanca") 25. Your Broadway and my Broadway (from "Broadway Melody Of 1938") 26. We've been around (from "The Dolly Sisters") 27. You do (from Movie "Mother Wore Tights") 28. Life upon the wicked stage (from "Till Clouds Roll By") 29. Skip To My Lou (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 30. Some other time (from "The Gay Divorcee") 31. The Best Things In Life Are Free (From "Good News") 32. Good news (from "Good News") 33. How about you? (from "Babes On Broadway") 34. The French lesson (from "Good News") 35. The charm of you (from "Anchors Aweigh") 36. Ten days (from "Modern Times") 37. I begged her (from Movie "Anchors Aweigh") 38. Love of my life (from "Babes on Broadway") 39. Jane's farewell ("Jane Eyre") 40. The varsity drag (from "Good News") 41. The ballet (from "Modern Times") 42. Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (From Movie "Listen Darling") 43. Give me the moonlight ("The Dolly sisters") 44. The piano ("Jane Eyre") 45. Meet Me In St. Louis (Main Title From "Meet Me In St. Louis") 46. I'm always chasing rainbows ("The Dolly sisters") 47. Battle montage ("Gone with the wind") 48. Alone (From Movie "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante") 49. Smile (from "Modern Times") 50. Under The Bamboo Tree (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 51. Play it Sam... (from "Casablanca") 52. Danny boy (from "Little Nelly Kelly") 53. The storm ("Jane Eyre") 54. You and I (from "Meet me in St. Louis") 55. Scarlett in the mist ("Gone with the wind") 56. Burlington Bertie from Bow (from "The Dolly sisters") 57. In the city (from "Modern Times") 58. Minnie from Trinidad (from "Ziegfeld Girl") 59. The sidewalks of New York ("The Dolly sisters") 60. The finale ("Jane Eyre") 61. Please don't monkey with Broadway (from "Broadway melody of 1940") 62. Since I kissed my baby goodbye (from "You'll Never Get Rich") 63. I've got a feeling you're foolin' (from "Broadway melody of 1936") 64. Yolanda ("Yolanda and the thief") 65. Boy what love has done to me (from "Crazy Girl") 66. Summertime ("Rhapsody in blue") 67. The show must go on (from "Cover Girl") 68. For you for me for evermore (from "The Schocking Miss Pilgrim") 69. He ain't got rhythm (from "On The Avenue") 70. You'll have to swing it (Mr. Paganini) (from "Four Jills in a jeep") 71. Heat wave ("Alexander's ragtime band") 72. My Man (From "The Great Ziegfeld") 73. Bring on those wonderful men (from "Ziegfeld Follies") 74. For Me And My Gal (From "For Me And My Gal") 75. I ain't hep to that step (from "Second Chorus") 76. Chiu chie (from "You Were Never Lovelier") 77. Happy feet (from "King of jazz") 78. Dinah ("Big broadcast of 1932") 79. Hit the road to dreamland (from "Star Spangled Rhythm") 80. Puttin' on the Ritz ("Blue skies") 81. Blue skies ("Blue skies") 82. A bench in the park (from "King of jazz") 83. When You Wore A Tulip (from "For me and my gal") 84. We don't want the bacon (from "For Me & My Gal") 85. When Johnny comes marching home (from "for Me & My Gal") 86. Poor Mr. Chisholm (from "Second Chorus") 87. Please (fom "The Big Broadcast Of 1932") 88. Wedding in the spring (from "You Were Never Lovelier") 89. Won't you come and play with me? (from "The great Ziegfeld") 90. You never looked so beautiful before (from "The Great Ziegfeld") 91. Everybody step ("Blue skies") 92. Libiamo (Verdi) (from "Ziegfeld follies") 93. The girl on the police gazette (from "On The Avenue") 94. How blue the night (from "Four Jills In A Jeep") 95. Now it can be told (from "Alexander's Ragtime Band") 96. Swanee (from "Rhapsody In Blue") 97. Who's comlaining (from "Cover Girl") 98. Changing my tune (from "The shocking Miss Pilgrim") 99. Marie ("Alexander's ragtime band") 100. There's beauty everywhere (from "Ziegfeld Follies") 101. Dear Mr. Gable (From Movie "Broadway Melody Of 1938") 102. Learn to croon (from "College Humor") 103. Music Makes Me ("Flying Down To Rio") 104. Orchids in the moonlight (from "Flying Down To Rio") 105. On the bumpy road to love (from "Listen Darling") 106. Moonstruck (from "College Humor") 107. Flying Down To Rio (From Movie "Flying Down To Rio") 108. We hate to leave (from "Anchors Aweigh") 109. It Never Rains, But What It Pours (From "Love Finds Andy Hardy") 110. Down the old ox road (from "College Humor") 111. Let's begin ("Roberta") 112. Jealousy ("Anchors away") 113. Meet the beat of my heart (from "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante") 114. Thanks (from "Too Much Harmony") 115. I'll be hard to handle (from "Roberta") 116. Lullaby (from "Anchors Aweigh") 117. The worry song (from "Anchors Aweigh") 118. I'm Nobody's Baby (From Movie "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante") 119. I guess it had to be that way (from Movie "Too Much Harmony") 120. What makes the sunset? (from "Anchors Aweigh") 121. I won't dance (from "Roberta") 122. All I Do Is Dream Of You (From Movie "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante") 123. Black moonlight (from movie "Too much harmony") 124. If you knew Suzy (from "Anchors aweigh") 125. I used to be colour blind ("Carefree") 126. It's A Great Day For The Irish (From Movie "Little Nellie Kelly") 127. Old Glory (from "Star Spangled Rhythm") 128. I fall in love too easily (from "Anchors Aweigh") 129. The yam ("Carefree") 130. A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow (From Movie "Little Nellie Kelly") 131. A couple of song and dance men ("Blue skies") 132. Change partners (from "Carefree") 133. Anchors away (from "Anchors Aweigh") 134. We must have music (from "Ziegfeld Girl") 135. Getting Nowhere (From Movie "Blue Skies") 136. Cheek To Cheek (From Movie "Top Hat") 137. The Brooklyn Bridge (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 138. I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (From Movie "Ziegfeld Girl") 139. Say it isn't so (from "Star Spangled Rhythm") 140. Cheek To Cheek (From Movie "Top Hat") 141. Top Hat, White Tie And Tails (From "Top Hat") 142. J.S: Bach invension #1 (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 143. The Boy Next Door (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 144. The piccolino (from "Top Hat") 145. The piccolino (from "Top Hat") 146. I believe (from "It happened in Brooklyn") 147. Meet Me In St. Louis (From "Meet Me In St. Louis") 148. Sweet Leilani (from "Waikiki Wedding") 149. I can't be bothered now ("A damsel in distress") 150. Time after time (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 151. Over the bannister (from "Meet me in St. Louis") 152. Time after time (from "It happened in Brooklyn") 153. A Foggy Day (from "A Damsel In Distress") 154. Small frey (from "Sing You Sinners") 155. The trolley song ("Meet me in St. Louis") 156. The Song's Gotta Come From The Heart (From "It Happened In Brooklyn") 157. Things are looking up ("A damsel in distress") 158. Put It There, Pal ("Road To Utopia") 159. Boys And Girls Like You And Me (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 160. One for my baby (from "The sky's the limit") 161. Mack the black (from "The Pirate") 162. Cheek To Cheek (From Movie "Top Hat") 163. La ci darem la mano (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 164. Whose baby are you (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 165. Over The Rainbow (From "The Wizard Of Oz") 166. All you want to do is dance (from "Double Or Nothing") 167. A needle in a haystack (from "The Gay Divorcee") 168. It's the same old dream (from "It Happened In Brooklyn") 169. If I only had a brain ("The wizard of Oz") 170. The bell song ("It happened in Brooklyn") 171. Concerto for clarinet (from "Second chorus") 172. I Want To Go Back To Michigan (From Movie "Easter Parade") 173. White Christmas (from "Holiday Inn") 174. Night and day (from "The gay divorcee") 175. Shall we dance (from "Shall We Dance") 176. A fella with an umbrella (from "Easter Parade") 177. Lucky in love (from "It Happened In Brooklyn ") 178. Young and healthy (from "42nd Street") 179. Slap that bass (from "Shall we dance") 180. Mister Monotony (from "Easter Parade") 181. Here lies love (from "The big broadcast of 1932") 182. Easter parade (from "Easter Parade") 183. The continental (from "The Gay Divorcee") 184. Beginner's luck (from "Shall we dance") 185. Shuffle off to Buffalo (from "42nd Street") 186. The day you came along (from "Too Much Harmony") 187. Opera vs jazz (from "Every Sunday") 188. Oh, you beautiful doll (from "For Me & My Gal") 189. They All Laughed (From "Shall We Dance") 190. Got a pair of new shoes (from "Thoroughbreds Don't Cry")

Great Movies MP3 Audio CD Great Movies MP3 Audio CD

MP3 Audio 2007
CD Anzahl: 1
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Titelverzeichnis: 1. Chattanooga Choo Choo (From Movie "Sun Valley Serenade") 2. Keep Your Eyes Upon Me And Vaudeville Routine (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 3. Baby, It's Cold Outside 4. The Mounties (From Movie "Rose Marie") 5. Ding Dong-Emarald City (From The Wizard Of Oz) 6. Small Fry (From Movie "Sing You Sinners") 7. I Like To Do Things For You (From Movie "King Of Jazz") 8. The Mounties (From Movie "Rose Marie") 9. Goin' North (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 10. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 11. Why Must There Be An Opening Song (From Movie "Step Lively") 12. Main Title (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 13. You Are My Lucky Star From (From Movie "Broadway Melody Of 1936") 14. The Jitterbug (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 15. Every Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy 16. You'll Never Know 17. Dearly Beloved (From Movie "You Were Never Lovelier") 18. The Forest Rangers 19. I'll Walk Alone (From Movie "Follow The Boys") 20. Sing A Tropical Song (From Movie "Happy Go Lucky") 21. Song Of The Dawn (From Movie "King Of Jazz") 22. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (From Musical "Buck Privates") 23. They're Either Too Young Or Too Old (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 24. The Last Time I Saw Paris (From Movie "Lady Be Good") 25. It Might As Well Be Spring 26. Moonlight And Shadows (From Movie "The Jungle Princess") 27. No You, No Me (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 28. Main Title (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 29. Final (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis") 30. I Hereby Decree (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 31. At The Picture (From Movie "Modern Times") 32. Jingle, Jangle, Jingle 33. Rhumboogie 34. The Garden (From Movie "Jane Eyre") 35. Love Isn't Born, It's Made (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 36. Delishious (From Movie "Rhapsody In Blue") 37. So The Bluebirds And The Blackbirds Got Together (From Movie "King Of Jazz") 38. Sweet Leilani 39. Ice Cold Katie (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 40. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (From Movie "Song Of The South") 41. Valse (From Movie "Modern Times") 42. Falling In Love Again (From Movie "The Blue Angel") 43. I remember you (Reprise) (From Movie "The Fleet's In") 44. It's Magic (From Movie "Romance On The High Seas") 45. On The Atchison, Topeka & The Santa Fe (From Movie "The Harvey Girls") 46. Louise (From Movie "Innocents Of Paris") 47. The Sleeping Girl (From Movie "Modern Times") 48. Put It There, Pal 49. Little Johnny Jonesi Sequence (From Movie "Yakee Doodle Dandy") 50. Got A Bran' New Suit (From Movie "At Home Abroad") 51. How Sweet You Are 52. Mister Mason (From Movie "Jane Eyre") 53. I've Heard That Song Before 54. My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time 55. Thank Your Lucky Stars (Overture) (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 56. If You Build A Better Mousetrap (From Movie "The Fleet's In") 57. Ramona (From Movie "Ramona") 58. Darktown Strutter's ball (From Movie "For Me And My Gal") 59. We're Staying At Home Tonight (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 60. Not Mine (From Movie "The Fleet's In") 61. I'm Doing It For Defense (From Movie "Star Spangled Rhythm") 62. Tell Me (From Fro Me And My Gal) 63. The Doll Shop [Part 2] (From Movie "For Me And My Gal") 64. St. Louis Blues (From Movie "Birth Of The Blues") 65. All You Want To Do Is Dance (From Movie "Double Or Nothing") 66. Harrigan (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 67. It's Raining Sunbeams (From Movie "One Hundred Men And One Girl") 68. By A Waterfall (From Movie "Footlight Parade") 69. Medley (From Movie "The Gay Divorcee") 70. March Of The Winkies (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 71. See You In Cuba (From Movie "Blue Skies") 72. Mary (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 73. Spin A Little Web Of Dreams (From Movie "Fashion's Of 1934") 74. Tomorrow You Belong To Uncle Sammy (From Movie "The Fleet's In") 75. Final (From Movie "Cover Girl") 76. I Was Born In Virginia (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 77. By The Beautiful Sea (From Movie "For Me And My Gal") 78. Over There (Finale) (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 79. Every Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy 80. Lullaby Of Broadway (From Movie "Gold Diggers Of 1935") 81. All I Want Is Just One (From Movie "Paramount On Parade") 82. Hooray For Hollywood (From Movie "Hollywood Hotel") 83. Toto Brings News / Over The Rainbow (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 84. Indian Call Love (From Movie "Rose Marie") 85. Anyone Can See I Love You (Reprise) 86. Ballin' The Jack (From Movie "On The Riviera") 87. Thanks For The Memory (From Movie "The Big Broadcast Of 1938") 88. The Joint Is Really Jumpin' Down At Carnegie Hall (From Movie "Thousands Cheer") 89. Pick Yourself Up (From Follow The Fleet) 90. Swinging On A Star 91. If I Only Had A Heart (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 92. You're A Grand Old Flag (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy") 93. Don't Fence Me In 94. Delirious Escape (From Movie "The Wizard Of Oz") 95. Buttons And Bows (From Movie "The Paleface") 96. Love Theme From Modern Times (From Movie "Modern Times") 97. I Am The Glamorous Lola (From Movie "The Blue Angel") 98. Good Night, Good Neighbour (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 99. The Dreamer (From Movie "Thank Your Lucky Stars") 100. Oh You Wonderful Girl / East Side West Side (From Movie "Yankee Doodle Dandy")

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